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Light Rigid Licence

LR TLIC2002 - Drive Light Rigid Vehicle

The entry level licence. Many larger utilities and camper vans require this licence as well as small trucks. It licences you to drive a motor vehicle over four point five tons up to eight tons Gross Vehicle Mass (no axle limit). The Vehicle may also carry more than twelve passengers including the driver.

You must have held a C class (car) licence for at least 12 months.

Medium Rigid Licence

MR TLIC3003 - Drive Medium Rigid Vehicle

The Medium Rigid is the next size up and is a motor vehicle which weighs more than eight tons Gross Vehicle Mass with two axles. You may also tow a trailer of not more than nine tons providing it is not a semi trailer.

Must have held a C class (car) licence for at least 12 months.

Heavy Rigid Licence

HR TLIC3004 - Drive Heavy Combination Vehicle

These units are covered:

Open Class Heavy Rigid

There are three classes of Heavy Rigid. The Open Class licence is done in a truck equipped with a "Road Ranger" gearbox. You will have to learn the skills of driving a crash gearbox and double de-clutching on all gear changes. The "Road Ranger" gearbox is standard on all trucks from the USA and large Japanese trucks.

The open class licence allows you to drive all Heavy Rigid Trucks.

Synchromesh Heavy Rigid

The Next class of Heavy Rigid is a truck Fitted with a synchromesh gearbox. The truck still has lots of gears, but it is much easier to change those gears than a "Road Ranger" Gearbox. Most European Heavy Rigid Trucks are equipped with a synchromesh gearbox.

The Synchromesh is a restricted licence in that you can only drive Heavy Rigid trucks and prime movers fitted with a synchromesh gearbox as well as those fitted with an automatic transmission.

Automatic Heavy Rigid

Finally the Automatic Heavy Rigid licence is a truck fitted with an Automatic gearbox and drives very much like an automatic car. Once a rarity, automatic trucks are becoming more common, for example Trans Perth Buses, concrete agitators and refuse trucks are mainly automatic these days. Most equipment on a mine site is automatic and many mining companies accept this licence.

With this licence you will be restricted to Heavy Rigid Trucks fitted with automatic transmission only.

For all Heavy Rigid Vehicles you must have held a C class (car) licence for at least 2 years.

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